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What Can I Get At Vape Bright?

At Vape Bright you can by CBD vape pens and refill cartridges. These cartridges are called Thrive, contain 250mg or 200mg of CBD in each and are naturally flavored. You can also buy a starter kit which includes battery, pen and oil.

The pens do not require you to push a button to heat. You just inhale. Each charge will last around 100 puffs. All oils are made from organic hemp and do not use the carrier oils normally associated with vaping such as Propylene Glycol.

What Do Their Customers Say?

On site there are hundreds of reviews from satisfied verified buyers. On the main people talk about how good the product is and that’s what keeps them coming back. There is lot’s of good feedback on the flavor, unusual for a CBD product as many normally complain about this. Minor negatives seem to be on price (you are here so you will use a coupon to save some money) and that the device can take a little time to charge.

Off sight it is a little more difficult to find customer reviews but many CBD review bloggers score them highly.

Other Information

Shipping – Vape Bright is based in the US and ships to all states. They also ship to all EU countries and anywhere else where the sale of CBD products is permitted. If you are unsure contact them before ordering.

Payment Methods – You can pay using either Visa or Mastercard.

Freebies – They do not currently offer any free products with orders.

Certificates of Analysis – Each product has an ingredients list so you know exactly what it contains. This includes the amount of CBD oil, hemp oil and terpenes. On site you can also find analysis certificates that show exactly what is in the current batch of cartridges. You can read more on this page.

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