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What Can I Expect from a Santa Cruz Shredder?

Well-ground herb is essential to an excellent vape experience. Consistently sized pieces of bud vaporize evenly, giving a smoother, tastier vapor. Santa Cruz Shredder is a Californian brand who have used their engineering experience to revolutionize cannabis grinding.

With specially designed teeth, their grinders cut from several directions at the same time. This action shreds the herb into the perfect size for modern dry herb vapes. Each finely sharpened tooth is perfectly placed so they will never catch or interrupt the smooth turning action.

Santa Cruz Shredders come in different types, but the primary range is made from scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. These come in a variety of colors and choice of small, medium and large sizes. They are also available as two-piece, three-piece or four-piece devices.

Two-Piece: The most affordable is also the simplest, with two halves that fit together. Place your bud on the teeth in the central section, fix the two parts together until you can feel the magnets hold them completely closed. Then rotate until the dry flower is evenly ground.

Three-Piece: This is a grinder that allows the herb to fall through gaps into a catch chamber when they are the right size. The chamber collects all the ground herb and has rounded corners so you can easily scoop it out with nothing getting stuck.

Four-Piece: This is the largest of the range and has an extra pollen screen to collect the potent kief crystals as they are knocked from the bud during grinding. 

Special Editions: The special edition range adds a unique twist to their standard versions. Here you can find alternative colors, decorations, stealth versions and even grinders made from biodegradable hemp.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Many Amazon reviewers mention that all grinders from Santa Cruz Shredder are quick and efficient with a smooth, silent action.

Casey S bought a four-piece shredder and left a review on Amazon recommending it to fellow cannabis enthusiasts:

This grinder will grind your herb up evenly, leaving you a nice output. The pollen catcher is also very efficient in catching any pollen that falls through. You can tell this grinder is made of high-quality materials and feels very durable. I would highly recommend this product!

On Facebook, six reviews give a combined rating of 3.4 out of 5. Matt Alexander was so impressed with the product he called it ‘the last grinder you’ll ever need.’

Gio found that the holes in the pollen screen were too small to collect any pollen. When he complained, he discovered that he had purchased an old version, and the new edition had solved that problem. Other reviewers, including Bill Cross, were less than sympathetic:

You made no sense, you bought old version, next time do your homework. Or complain to YOURSELF … LOL.

Other Information

Warranty – A Lifetime Limited Warranty is available to all shredders bought from authorized dealers. It only applies to damage that occurred during normal use and does not cover scratches or dents. To make a claim under warranty, you must be able to produce proof of purchase.

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