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The Nova Decarboxylator & Infuser

The Nova Decarboxylator and Infuser from Ardent provides a convenient, accurate way to activate THC and CBD. Dry herb contains mostly precursors to THC like THCA. Heat must be carefully applied to convert into psychoactive THC. You can also use it to infuse herb into butter or oil without the need for crockpots or pans.

Both decarboxylation and infusion can be long processes, requiring time and effort. The Nova turns this arduous activity into a simple, almost entirely automated process. In the time you save, you can devise new ways to use your fully decarbed product.

While you can decarboxylate cannabis in an oven, the process is far from efficient. Even slight changes in temperature or an uneven spread of heat can result in an incomplete conversion. The result is a loss of potency and a waste of money. Why waste your weed on DIY methods when the Nova provides near perfect decarboxylation?

It is an easy to use smart-device that works with the push of a button. Sensors built into the inner chamber adjust the heat and length of time to endure that the process completes to as near perfection as possible. The time it takes will vary between 1 and a half hours to two hours and twenty minutes. This can all be yours for a bargain price when you use a Nova decarboxylator coupon code.

You can use decarboxylated bud for:

  • Sprinkling on to food
  • Making potent edibles
  • Grinding and putting into capsules
  • Smoke or vape it for a more efficient experience
  • High THC oils or butter

What Do Their Customers Say?

Other than on the Ardent website there are few customer reviews of the Nova available. However, on Roll it up, well-known member Nizza loves using it to get every last bit of THC out of weed and using it to making edibles and hash. Nizza says that the only drawback is that it isn’t big enough for extra-large batches.

Another Roll it up member pppp1500 had a less than positive experience when the Nova broke after the first use.

The Ardent website is host to hundreds of 5-star reviews, including mentions of the incredible convenience, the build quality and potent results.

Other Information

Warranty – Ardent provide a one-year warranty with the Nova along with a one-year replacement parts program. To claim on the warranty, it must not be misused and the electronic parts must not have been accessed.

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