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What Is a Levo Oil Infuser?

Following a ‘lightbulb’ moment in 2011, Levo founder Chrissy Bellman launched the innovative Levo Oil Infuser in 2016. Based in Denver, Levo produce two infusers that allow you to infuse oil with dry ingredients without creating lots of mess.

Levo I – Making infused oils and butters at home is a long and messy process. The Levo I was designed to change all that. It’s a compact, stylish infuser that’s quiet, easy to clean and would look great in your kitchen.

All the parts are made from stainless steel or silicone and come apart to be put in the dishwasher. As the Levo I is nearly entirely self-contained it reduces the time taken to infuse your oils and creates more opportunities to use your herbs. You can now try a wide range of recipes that will allow you to make oils, butters, topicals and even edibles like gummy bears.

Levo II – This is the more advanced version and comes with a higher price tag and a range of extra features. It is just as stylish as its predecessor and comes in an even wider range of colors. The main difference is the addition of its drying and activating functions. The Levo II will completely dry your herb and decarboxylate it ready for use in edibles.

Both can be purchased with a Levo Oil promo code which can significantly reduce the overall cost.

What Do Their Customers Say?

There are only a few customer reviews available for the Levo infuser. Many of the bloggers and YouTubers who reviewed it were very positive. They loved the concept and found that it significantly simplified the infusion process.

An issue pointed out on a YouTube review was that the herb holding pod could only take 3.5g. This means that it’s hard to create higher strength infusions unless you double, or triple infuse into the same oil. Levo responded by saying that they will be introducing a mega pod soon.

On Amazon, the Levo I received a disappointing 2.8 out of 5, from 17 reviews. While several people felt that it made some of the best oils they’ve ever tasted, some reviews mentioned technical issues. They reported faulty parts and a slow customer service team.

Other Information

Warranty – Both products are covered by a one-year limited manufacturers warranty when purchased directly from them. There is a long list of situations in which a warranty wouldn’t be valid.

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