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What Can I Get at High Mountain Compost?

High Mountain Compost provides high-quality, nutrient-rich growing mediums for mushrooms or cannabis. Based in Jefferson County, Washington, they specialize in manure-based composts and kits designed to give you the best harvests.

When you visit the High Mountain Compost website you can choose from:

Mushroom growing compost This is an odorless compost specially created to grow exotic, gourmet or medicinal mushrooms.

Mushroom growing kits – These are a selection of all-natural ingredients that give you everything you need for abundant mushroom harvests, except for the spores.

Tea for plants This is a compost tea that can be used to water indoor and outdoor plants. It allows you to deliver a rich supply of nutrients directly to any plants that need a top-up.

High Mountain Gold This is a light and airy compost explicitly designed to grow medical cannabis. It comes in 10lb filter-patch bags and contains 25% worm castings, 10% chicken manure, 60% High Mountain Compost and 5% of a High Mountain Compost secret ingredient.

What Do Their Customers Say?

High Mountain Compost is often the subject of discussion in the Shroomery forums. While some members report that it’s more economical to create your own compost, others say that their products are ideal if you’re new to growing. There are several mentions of the high-quality of their growing medium and some threads report good results from grows.

Of the few reviews left on Google, the mood is very positive, with lots of praise for the customer service team and delivery. One customer even made an error when inputting his address, but the High Mountain Compost team acted quickly to solve the problem and get his order to them quickly.

Other Information

Shipping – High Mountain Compost only ship to addresses in the US. They use the United States Postal Service’s flat rate priority mail, UPS or FedEx depending on what works out as cheapest at the time. Your order will be sealed in contaminant-free, 10lb bags.

Payment Methods – Most major credit and debit cards are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If you prefer you can also contact them to arrange payment by cash or money order.


If you have any problems or concerns with any product you receive, they will be happy to talk to you and find the best way to resolve it.

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