Grenco Science

If you are looking to purchase a dry herb vaporizer, a vape pen for your concentrates or a portable vape for on the go you are sure to find something within the Grenco Science range to fit your needs. These guys offer great vaporizers if you are on a budget and looking to get your hands on a device for the first time.

he Grenco Science vaporizer collection is small but well formed with the most famous being the G Pen which they collaborated on with Snoop Dogg and offered a limited edition version of. They have since upgraded this and now offer the G Pen Pro too. If you are not searching for a dry herb vape you can also pick up some great low cost concentrate pens such as the Original MicroG. If liquids is your thing they also offer the G Slim Liquid Vaporizer and their newest addition the G Pen Gio.

What's unique about Grenco Science Vaporizers is that they will offer some cool looking collaborations for the person who wants that little extra style to their vape. Of course you will pay extra for this, but you will own a limited edition vaporizer. They also collaborate on their merch too, offering tees, pins and snap backs.