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What Can I Expect from Grav Labs?

Grav Labs are known for producing some of the highest quality glass on the market. They began in Texas in 2004 with only one product, but their attention to detail and craftsmanship soon propelled them into the big time. Now they are known as world leaders in beautifully designed glass pieces.

They create an incredible range of products, including bubblers, hand pipes, spoons, tools and water pipes. Their helix pipes and bongs are among the most aesthetically pleasing and functional of any in that style. The designers responsible for Grav’s iconic design have the skill to create pieces that sit directly at the intersection of form and function. They look great and they hit hard.

Whether you want classic pieces with elegant lines and striking shapes, or something a little quirkier, Grav is the brand you’re looking for. They have everything from Sherlock style pipes and pinch spoons to clear glass bongs shaped like milk cartons or a coffee mug.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Although there a few reviews of Grav products readily available, forums are full of talk about their latest pieces. There is a lot of love for the quality of their glass, especially their unique bubblers.

AssCobra on Grasscity had some points for improvement but generally liked the product. “I have the same bubbler. […] I actually really love their glass. The only complaints I have is the bowl. Not very practical for small amounts and needs cleaned frequently or you’ll get water in your mouth. But other than that I love gravlabs.”

Others, like this unnamed contributor on Reddit, were blown away by the quality pieces on offer. “Everything from Grav Labs is like the dude at work who comes in, doesn’t say a word, crushes the shit out of his job and, before anyone can ask how he can get that much accomplished, he is gone. Love that company. No frills life.”

If you’d like to see more of Grav’s designs, there are some detailed unboxing videos, like this one available on Youtube.

Other Information

Warranty – While there is no specific warranty, you have six months to report a defect in a piece to Grav Labs. This is a standard policy that refers to items bought at or in any other store. Depending on the nature of the defect, you may be asked to send a picture or video before it is confirmed. Refunds will be given as store credit on the Grav site.

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