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What Can I Get at Alphapuff?

If you’ve ever been in search of a way to get high on the go but didn’t want to take a box or a bag with you then the AlphaPuff is perfect for you. It isn’t just a bong with glass down stem but it’s storage for your weed, it’s a grinder, a lighter and storage for your pre-rolls. Not only that but the kit comes with its own down pipe cleaner, king size papers, filters which can all be kept in special compartments.

This Swiss Army Knife of the cannabis world takes your entire smoking kit and packs it into an easy to carry, discrete cylinder. It’s easy to use and simple to take apart and clean thoroughly. With all this inside it’s hard to believe that it is only 2 inches by 10 inches and can easily be held in a hand or jacket pocket.

If you are one of those people who is always digging around in a drawer to find your lighter or rolling papers then the AlphaPuff will change the way you smoke. You will never need waste time looking for all you kit again.

If you want to go on an adventure or are just looking to hotbox a car with your friends this has everything you need. Explore the world and expand your horizons knowing that you can always have a top-quality smoke in minutes.

What Do Their Customers Say?

The general opinion of customers is that this is a great idea and a well-made piece of kit. Reviewers say that the designers have thought of everything to make every smoking session quick and hassle free. The bong and lighter are rated highly when compared to other portables and even compares well against standard sized models. Some AlphaPuff owners say that the grinder is a bit too small for everyday use but great for travel.

Other Information

Alphapuff appears to have gone out of business so this information is not available.

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