Airvape USA Coupons

Airvape USA are a California based company making a small range of their own high quality dry herb vaporizers. They offer an efficient range that combine conduction and convection heating in ceramic chambers to ensure a clean crisp taste. The Airvape batteries are small (size of a credit card) and also can be charged whilst in use. Temperature can be measure and adjusted accurately in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

They sell their own range of vaporizers for dry herb use with an additional insert on sale for those who prefer concentrates. Their products all come with a lifetime warranty and include the Airvape X, the Airvape XS, the original Airvape which is as thin as a phone for discreet use as well as the Airvape OM and OM Mini which is used for oils.

Airvape USA have also created a range of accessories including a water bubbler that can be attached to the Airvape X, charging docks, covers and lids.