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What Can I Get at 420 Life?

420 Life is a California based company that produces an award-winning e-nail known as the 710 Life. On their website, they also stock dabbing accessories, merchandise and clothing.

Originating in the San Fernando Valley, 420 Life is a collaboration between designers, engineers and cannabis consumers. From their own experiences with web commerce, they designed a company to provide “the very best in quality and customer service”.

420 Life pride themselves on their relationship with their customers. They are continuously trying to improve their products and service. With a commitment to innovation, they produce nails and bangers. As well as their impressive selection of dabbing accessories, you can also pick up some terpenes to add to your extracts and concentrates.

If you’re ordering one of their mains powered products from outside of the US, contact 420 Life to let them know your preferred plug formation. Their desktop e-nails come with 110v standard plug, but they may be able to supply alternatives on request.

What Do Their Customers Say?

420 Life has a sizeable online presence, including mentions in High Times’ best e-nails lists and numerous unboxing an review videos on YouTube. They are also mentioned by customers on several forums.

On Rollitup, a thread devoted to 710 whips includes remarks on 420 Life. Forum members say that their products are popular, well-made and long-lasting. Not everyone had a positive experience though, as on the Grasscity forum, one contributor received a damaged rosin press and struggled to get a satisfactory response from the customer service team.

Other Information

Shipping – 420 Life ships to a range of international destinations. They offer free shipping for all orders over $50 to destinations within the USA.

All orders will be dispatched approximately 48 hours of when they are received, and delivery times vary depending on the courier and unforeseen circumstances. Your items will arrive in a plain brown box or similar discreet packaging with no mentions of 420 or 710 life visible on the outside.

Payment Methods – Payments can be made by most major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Returns – 420 Life offers a 1-year warranty on both the controller and the heater coil of their e-nail. To make a claim, you should contact them directly at 420life.com. Refunds are available but can only be given for products that have not been used within 15 days of purchase. You will need your original receipt, and your item can only be returned to the store you bought it. There is also a 10% re-stocking fee for online returns.

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