Headshop Discounts

The headshop coupons page is where you can save on all your smoking tools and accessories.  Your Weed Coupons has searched out all the most famous headshops so we can save you some cash on your next order. These include old school legends like Grasscity and massive online stores like Dankstop and Smoke Cartel. We haven’t forgotten about the smaller stores either. We also have codes for Wizard Puff, Dope Boo and Dank Geek.

This is one of the most varied sections on the site. Here you will find money off dab rigs and tools. Discounts on grinders, papers and lighters. You will also find coupon codes for a range of glass and acrylic bongs, bubblers and recyclers. There are also savings to be had on storage, including boxes and jars, decarboxylators and butter infusers.