Have a question about Your Weed Coupons? Check here first.

We have two types of promotional code on the site. One of these is added automatically when you click on the link “Visit Site”. The second needs to be copied and added on checkout. It is the second which I will give instructions for below. 

  1. Find the coupon you want to use on one of our home, store, category or brand pages.
  2. Click the “See Coupon” button. This will open the individual coupon page in a new window and will also redirect the existing page to the store.
  3. Click the bright green copy button and this will add the code to your clipboard.
  4. Head to the site where you are looking to make a purchase. Fill the basket with your choice of seeds, CBD, flower or glass. 
  5. Go to checkout where there will be a box to add the coupon. On a desktop computer click the box press control and v to paste the code. Alternatively, right click and paste the code. If on your mobile phone or tablet, press and hold your finger on the box and an option to paste the coupon will appear. Simply select the paste button.
  6. Press enter and check your discount has been applied to the subtotal.

We work with sites all over the world to bring you their latest weed coupons. We do the searching and comparing, check the company’s reputation and bring all the latest vouchers, coupons and offers to one place to save you time and money.

Firstly, we are sorry that the offer was no longer available. Sometimes deals end early and it can take us a day or two to edit the site to ensure that we only have the most up to date offers available on Your Weed Coupons. If there is one we have missed please feel  free to contact us and let us know. We will then get this removed and will point you in the direction of a similar or better offer.

Maybe they do not have any offers at the moment but it is possible that we just haven’t got around to adding them or do not yet know about them. Contact the team and let us know and we will look to add it in the future!

In the first instance you should contact the company who you purchased from and explain what the problem is. All the businesses we work with have dedicated customer service teams and should respond within a few days (it may be longer if you contact them at weekends) and provide the assistance you need.

If they do not provide a satisfactory outcome please feel free to contact us. Whilst we cannot promise to resolve the issue we do not want to work with companies who provide poor service to our users. If we find that people are regularly having poor experiences with the businesses we have partnered with, we will take measures to address these problems or drop them from our site. However, we can only monitor this with your feedback so do send us a message here or through our social pages.

We have seen the problems faced by people who are trying to access Medical Marijuana products and how prohibitive these costs can be. We gain great satisfaction from linking up our users with the best deals and prices to help them access their medicine and devices to consume at a cost that is more reasonable.

Of course, we need to earn a living too and we do receive a small commission from each sale when you click our links and purchase from our partners. This commission does not increase the price to you, this comes direct from our partners who pay us for linking you up. This enables us to run the site and pay the team for the time put into researching companies and updating the site. To find out more please visit our affiliate disclosure page.

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