Low Stress Training (L.S.T) Explained

There are many ways to train and manipulate your Cannabis plants as they grow. Some of these methods are also used when training Bonsai. By physically changing the growth structure of a Cannabis plant, a grower can improve the overall yield and qual

8 Steps To Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing weed is easy but growing top shelf Cannabis is a skill. Beginner growers may seem overwhelmed by the long list of fundamentals that the Cannabis grower must abide to, so below is my 8 steps to growing your own bud: from seed to harvest.S

Harvesting Cannabis Plants Indoors

There is nothing more exciting than when harvest day is upon us. As growers, this is the time when all our hard work, investment, labour and skill pays off. Below I explain when to harvest and what to look out for, dry and wet trimming, the dry room

How to Sex Cannabis Plants

When growing Cannabis the end goal is to produce a plant that is female and will produce flowers. Cannabis is a phototropic plant meaning that it responds to lighting cycles ranging from long summer days to short winter nights.This video shows P

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