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Discount codes for seeds, vapes, dispensaries, CBD, grow shops and more.

Seed Coupons

Find the latest seed coupons for stores in the US, Europe and Canada.

Vape Coupons

Discounts on dry herb, wax and concentrate vapes for brands both big and small.

Grow Shop Coupons

Money off grow tents, nutes, cabinets, lighting and full starter kits.

Dispensary Deals

Discounts for US and Canadian dispensaries for medical and recreational alike.

CBD Coupons

Save money on oils, waxes, salves and balms whether in Europe or the US.

Headshop Coupons

Deals for glass, dab rigs, grinders, storage and every accessory ever made.

Seed Coupons

Below are some of our favourite Seedbanks with a wide variety of offers available. See all seedbank coupon codes here.

MSNL Seed Coupons

Check here to find the latest MSNL Coupons, offers and deals.

Seedsman Coupons

Find the latest Seedsman discount codes and offers here.

ILGM Seed Coupons

All the latest ILGM Coupon codes, discounts and seed coupons.

Original Seed Company

The latest Original Seed Company Coupon codes and deals.

Growers Choice

Save money with Growers Choice coupons and promo codes.

True North Seedbank

Discount coupons and promos for this Canadian based seed store.

Dispensary Coupons

These are the hottest Dispensary coupons and weed deals for saving money on your MMJ and home delivery. All our Dispensary coupons can be found here.

GreenRush Coupons

Save $80 on your meds in Colorado, Nevada and California.

Eaze Coupons

Save $20 on your first California MMJ delivery and get your card for $19.

True Farma Coupons

Save 25% coupon for your first order at True Farma in California.

Canada Mail Order Marijuana

These are the most up to date MoM promo codes and weed deals for saving money on your home delivery.

Herb Approach

Promo codes and discounts for your Canadian MoM order.

Buds2Go Coupons

Get a free gram with your first Canadian MoM order.

TrueMeds Coupons

Save money on your mail order marijuana delivery.

Vaporizer Coupons

Get discounts on dry herb, desktop, portable and vape pens. Below are our favourites, to check for what more retailers have to offer. See all vaporizer stores here.

Vaporizer Chief

Vaporizer Chief have some of the best offers on top shelf vaporizers.

Namaste Coupons

Namaste are perfect if you are based in Europe or the US.

Storz & Bickel

Save on the Volcano, Mighty and Crafty with these codes.

Headshop Coupons

All the latest deals, discounts and promo codes for your heady glass, dab rigs, e-nails, bongs and smoking accessories. Here's a few of our favourites. See all our headshop coupons here.

Smoke Cartel Codes

Deals on glass, dab rigs, accessories and more.

Dankstop Coupons

Save money at Dankstop with a huge selection of glass and rigs.

Grasscity Coupons

Save at the worlds premier headshop on premium goods now.

Grow Shop Coupons

Save money on your LED lights, Hydroponics, grow boxes, grow rooms, nutrients and lighting rigs with our grow coupons. See all our grow offers here.

Dealzer Coupons

Money off grow equipment, including pots, lights and hydro.

Dorm Grow Coupons

Save money on Dorm Grows cannabis cup winning lights.

Growers House

Save money on grow boxes, lights, rigs, nutes and pots.

CBD Coupons

Money off CBD oils, balms and edibles with our CBD promo codes.

Green Roads World

Save on edible froggies, CBD syrups and capsules.

MediPen Coupons

Save on the MediPen and all refillable cartridges.

Love CBD Codes

CBD Oils and salves extracted from European Hemp.

Your Weed Coupons

Our mission is to bring you the best weed deals and the latest discounts, offers, sales, codes and coupons from cannabis websites around the world.

We aim to ensure everyone who uses Your Weed Coupons will never have to pay full price again for cannabis seeds, herbal vaporizers and headshop supplies. We understand that the cost of MMJ and Recreational products in legal states is too high so we will also track down the best weed deals for flower, concentrates and medical marijuana from your local dispensaries.

If you are looking for free seed deals, money off discounts, vouchers and the best savings on your next purchase you can find it all at

Cannabis Seed Coupons

We hunt out seed banks based in all four corners of the world, because our customers deserve the best cannabis seed offers available. We seek out the weed seed sites who have free seed offers, the best sales and offer deals for new customers and bring them all together on our easy to search Cannabis Seed Coupons page.

Do not worry about the reputation of the seedbanks on our site as we check them all before we list them. There will be no businesses with bad reputations here and if you find we refer you to someone who does not meet your expectations contact us here and tell us why. Anyone who lets their reputation slip will be removed from this site.

Dispensary Coupons

Now medical marijuana and recreational cannabis has become legal in numerous US states, Canada and in countries across Europe and South America the only thing that is prohibitive is the cost. To make it easier for you to access your MMJ or get hold of top shelf weed at bottom shelf prices we work with dispensaries big and small to bring you weed coupons, low cost concentrates and economical edibles.

Headshop Coupons

You can always visit your local headshop to pick up your supplies but they won’t have the cheapest prices. You can only get the best headshop prices online. So, we have teamed up with headshops to bring you the latest discounts and coupons on glass, bubblers, pipes, papers, clothing and accessories. Just check out the Headshop Coupons page to see the latest offers and the businesses we work with.

Vaporizer Coupons

Buying a new Herbal Vaporizer can be expensive with the best ones costing a small fortune! We have sought out the online vape shops with the best reputations and will list their latest site wide sales, sale items and exclusive discount codes for money off across their web stores.

Grow Coupons

Possibly the single most expensive part of any set up but also one of the most vital if you want to produce big yields of the dankest buds possible. We have found High Times cup winning brands who make the best lighting rigs and full set up grow boxes and rooms so you can buy the best set ups and save money in the process.

CBD Coupons

CBD oils and balms are being used by more people everyday and frankly the prices of these are way too high. The World Health Organisation has now said that CBD has therapeutic uses and when purchasing you should make sure it is a lab tested, high quality CBD product. To help you in this quest we have a number of CBD coupons and promo codes available.

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